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1. What’s your name?

Elena    …..or Helen :)  but never Helena :(

2. When is your birthday?

February 14

3. Where are you from?

Barcelona, Catalonia

4. Have a crush?

Every day with every “guiri” I see in my town

5. What’s your favorite color?


6. Write something in caps


7. Got a favorite band/artist?

I have too many favorite bands, but to say one, I’m gonna say the last I’ve listened: Love of Lesbian :)

8. Favorite number?


9. Favorite drink?

Very very cold water or Damm lemon :)

10. Tag ten ppl

10?? fuck this is a lot of ppl… ok… I’m gonna tag virvivirme, lilitbm, svsvr7, johnpeii-draw-with-lightrankandfeel and my last follower tb-sphotography….. 7 is ok? I think 7 is ok… :P